Customizable Marketplace

The platform provides a fully-customizable and brandable UI for browsing and purchasing apps and services.
  • responsive and SEO ready interfaces   
  • multilingual
  • full-text search among descriptions
  • featured products
  • product browsing by categoriestags and keywords 
  • product reviews and ratings 
  • similar/related product recommendations
  • plan comparison (versions, extras, add-ons)
  • product configuration and customization before ordering 
  • possibility to buy services (e.g. technical support) and goods (e.g. devices) together with the applications   
  • possibility to choose a preferred cloud-provider to host each purchased application 
  • payments allowed through Credit Cards, PayPal, bank transfer 
  • integrated customer-support and trouble-ticketing tools

Customer Dashboard

The platform provides each Customer with a dashboard where to access all the purchased applications, review orders, download invoices and communicate with the ISVs.
  • desktop-like dashboard   
  • SSO among all the purchased applications  
  • purchased applications run “embedded” in the dashboard interface 
  • business reminders and notifications
  • enables up-selling CTAs and more
  • integrated customer-support and trouble-ticketing tools
  • direct messaging with the ISVs and the platform admins
  • personal data and billing details editing
  • orders / invoices / subscriptions lists and bulk export 

ISV Control Panel

The platform provides the ISVs a powerful dashboard for onboarding their products in the marketplace and configuring their pricing models.
  • easy-onboarding of applications as a composition of Docker images 
  • easy-onboarding of legacy applications via ZIP packages (providing application source code and database(s) )  
  • capability to pre-select one or more cloud providers (among all the ones supported by the platform) to let each the customers choose where to host each purchased application 
  • configuration of marketing details for each product: logo, short and long descriptions, keywords, metatags, main features, FAQs, screenshots, videos, attachments, etc.  
  • configuration of legal information: Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, etc. 
  • configuration of pricing plans: one/off and recurring price, billing frequency, maximum order duration, subscription auto-renewals, etc.  
  • possibility to sell services (e.g. technical support) and goods (e.g. devices) together with the applications, also configuring volume discounts  
  • possibility to issue, at any time, one-off or recurring custom invoices additional to those related to the product subscriptions 
  • “Try before Buy” capabilities, with custom trial duration
  • discount coupons (one-off, reusable, with finite duration or not, cross-product, trial period extension)  
  • orders, invoices, customers (also exportable) lists
  • dedicated business dashboard
  • real-time monitoring and auditing of running (sold) applications 

Admin Control Panel

The platform provides the system administrator with several levers for configuring and monitoring the marketplace.
  • centralized real-time business graphs, analytics and statistics
  • supervise and approve new / updated product details
  • cloud provider pricing configuration
  • full access to all orders, invoices and users personal data (both ISVs and customers)
  • real-time monitoring of pending / running subscriptions  
  • bulk export of orders, invoices, users, etc.
  • bundles configuration   
  • cross-products coupons generation  
  • distribution and channel management  
  • marketplace interface(s) customization